Monday, November 29, 2010

Wet Plate Photography: A historic medium

Wet Plate photographs

The process is very simple in concept: bromide, iodide or chloride salts were dissolved in collodion, which is a solution of pyroxylin in alcohol and ether. This mixture was poured onto a cleaned glass plate, and allowed to sit for a few seconds. The plate was placed in a solution of silver nitrate and water, which converted the iodide, bromide, or chloride salts to silver iodide, bromide or chloride, respectively. Once this reaction was complete, the plate was removed from the silver nitrate solution, and exposed in a camera while still wet. It was developed with a solution of iron sulfate, acetic acid and alcohol in water.......SimplePhotograph by David Prifti
Photograph by Joni Sternbach
Photograph by Luther Gerlach
Photograph by Kati Leinonen
Photograph by E.J. Belloqc
Civil War, Photographer is Unknown to me

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